What Is Android System? there are two types of operating system smartphones available, we will talk about one of them through this post,

where we will tell you what is Android System? And we will also talk about some of the best features of Android smartphones.

Here let us tell you that you must have often heard about Android smartphones, where if you go to the shop to buy a new smartphone, then you are asked what type of smartphone you want and most of the people. Prefer to take Android smartphone more.

Because Android smartphones are available at a much lower price and we also get to see more features in them, on the contrary, if you want to buy a smartphone with IOS operating system, then you need to spend a lot of money.

Most of the people who buy a new phone prefer to buy an Android smartphone because we can make any changes according to it and install any application very easily.

But let us tell here that if you have never used a smartphone before, but if you are going to buy a smartphone for the first time, 


then you must definitely buy an Android smartphone and if you do not know what Is Android System? In such a situation, this post of ours will prove to be very useful for you.

We will give you complete information below that What Is Android System? And what are its benefits, so read our post carefully from beginning to end so that you can get all the information.

What Is Android System?

Android is an operating system created by Google company for smartphones. The Android operating system was launched on 23 September 2008 and is still the most popular smartphone operating system in the world today.

Today, you will get to see the Android operating system inside almost all smart phones, its latest version Android 12 was launched sometime back, in which very good new ones will be seen from behind. 

Let us tell here that this is a type of operating system which is used almost for computers and touch screen tablets, where the same operating system is used inside Microsoft’s tablet. 

Features of Android Operating System In

this post What Is Android System? But right now we would like to tell you about the best features of this, due to which a lot of people use Android smartphones. 

The default UI of Android depends on direct control sources of info like tapping, swiping and squeezing to start activities. 

The gadget gives haptic criticism to the client by means of cautions, for example, vibrations to answer activities. On the off chance that a client presses a route button, for instance, the gadget vibrates.

At the point when a client boots a gadget, Android OS shows the home screen, which is the essential route center for Android gadgets and is involved gadgets and application symbols. 

Gadgets are educational presentations that naturally update content like climate or news. The home screen show can vary in view of the gadget maker that is running the OS. 

Clients can likewise pick various topics for the home screen by means of outsider applications on Google Play.

A status bar at the highest point of the home screen shows data about the gadget and its network, 

for example, the Wi-Fi network that the gadget is associated with or signal strength. Clients can pull down the status bar with a swipe of a finger to see a notice screen.

Android OS additionally incorporates elements to save battery use. The OS suspends applications that aren’t being used to preserve battery power and CPU utilization. Android incorporates memory the executives includes that consequently close dormant cycles put away in its memory.

Dynamic media controls

The media player has been moved slightly to the bottom of the quick settings pane. Swipe down from the top of the screen to view Mini Player; Swipe up again to view the full size player.

Plus, if you have more than one media app running, you can swipe side by side to see controls for each.

Schedule dark theme

Android 10, you have been able to enable the popular dark theme for some time to save battery life and reduce strain on your eyes in the evening and morning hours but turn it on and off manually. 

Instead of needing to, Android 11 now has a scheduler – you can use the settings to turn it on and off at sunrise/sunset or schedule it for a specific time of day.

Voice Access gets smarter

Android’s accessibility features include Voice Access, a feature that lets you control the phone’s interface via voice commands. In the past, there were many situations in which you had to select options from the screen using numbers,

but in Android 11, the OS has a better understanding of the context of your commands. As a result, most of the need to select options via numbers is eliminated. .


We have here on What Is Android System? And we have also made you aware about some of the best features of the Android operating system, so if you need any more information, you can tell us through the comment below.


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