Here we are going to give information about credit card and tell that What Is Credit Card? Because if you open an account in the bank, at that time you are given a debit card from the bank.

Many people think that debit card and credit are same and debit card and credit card can be used to withdraw money from ATM machine but it is not so at all, both of them are completely different.

Debit card and credit card both have different functions, we have already written a post on debit card, if you want, you can read that post carefully by visiting our website but credit card is a different card.

Whatever is given to very few people and we will tell here how to take credit card and what is the whole process, in this case we will provide you complete information in detail and in simple words.

Along with this, we will also tell you how to make online purchases through credit cards and also what precautions need to be taken while using credit cards, otherwise you may suffer a lot.

Before we get here What Is Credit Card? And before we start giving all the information related to it, we also want to tell that if you want more information related to the banking sector, then you can also read other banking related posts available on our website.

What Is Credit Card?

What Is Credit Card? : Credit card is a type of lending card, it is given by the bank, through which you can shop online even if you do not have money in your account or you can use that card offline anywhere. 

Where there is a kind of deliverance given by the bank so that you need to give it again to the bank every month so that even if you do not have money, you can use the money taken for the bank | 

It is not given to everyone by the bank, every bank checks how much money you earn before credit card in a and based on that credit limit is given to you. 

Through this, you can easily spend money anywhere, but you cannot withdraw money from the ATM machine, only online or by going to the mall, you can use those credit limits. 

Apart from this, you can also order a smartphone or any other electronic gadget online and there is also an option to get a very easy EMI on them, if you earn a good amount of money for the month, then you will get the credit card very easily.

To use a credit card, you need to pay some charge to the bank every month, each bank has a different charge and it depends on the bank how much you will be charged for the credit card every month.


A Visa is a kind of installment card in which charges are made against a credit extension rather than the record holder’s money stores. At the point when somebody utilizes a charge card to make a buy, that individual’s record gathers an equilibrium that should be taken care of every month. 

Despite the fact that inability to take care of the Visa on time could bring about interest charges and late expenses, Visas can likewise assist clients with building a positive record of loan repayment.

  • A charge card is given by a monetary organization and permits you to make buys by getting cash up to a laid out limit.
  • To make a buy face to face, you should embed the card into a card peruser. To make a web-based buy, you should give all your card data and your charging address.
  • When you pay down what you’ve acquired, you can get again up amazingly limit.

What Are The Benefits Of Credit Card?

What Is Credit Card? But right now here we are going to tell you about the benefits of credit card, so that if you are thinking of taking a credit card then you should know well.

  • The first advantage is its rule that if you have a credit card and if you pay the credit card bills on time, then your CIBIL score becomes very good, which helps in getting bigger loans later.
  • When you do not have money in your bank, then you can do any shopping through your card, in a way you get 1 month, whenever you do any shopping, there is a time of 1 month from that date. |
  • Any software or something online is very helpful in shopping, apart from this, you also get to see a good discount when shopping from an e-commerce website.
  • You can make huge purchases through credit cards and then pay them again through easy EMIs and there will be no need to pay more through EMI.
  • Any amount of online money transaction done through credit card is absolutely safe and you will not have any problem because whenever you transfer online, OTP is received on your mobile number so that it is absolutely safe way. You can use credit card from

We are here with you What Is Credit Card? We have given very good information on the subject, but still need any kind of information or need any other information related to credit card, you can also tell us through the comment below.


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