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Aquafresh Water Purifier ReviewIn India, most of the family’s choice for a water purifier is Aquafresh. It is the most famous and trustable company that provides RO Water Purifier at a very affordable price.

Because of the quality and services Aquafresh provides, many people are using Aquafresh RO water purifiers at their homes and making their family members healthy.

The quality of the water that we drink matters a lot in our health and body. If you drink water that is chemical-free, dust-free, and full of minerals, then definitely you will be healthy all the time.

And that is the main thing which Aquafresh and other water purifier companies target Quality of water.

So, in this article, I am gonna tell you why you should purchase an Aquafresh water purifier and you will get a complete Aquafresh RO water purifier review.

Aquafresh Water Purifier Review and Guide

Aquafresh Swift 15 LTR Mineral RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+UF Water Purifier: Home & Kitchen


Starting with the Aquafresh water purifier review, there are some things that you need to know about Aquafresh.

AQUAFRESH is a company that mainly manufactures RO water purifiers and other products for purifying and cleaning water. In India, there are many products of Aquafresh purifiers available. And many people use Aquafresh water purifiers at their homes.

Those who want to make their body healthy should use these water purifiers.

The best thing about Aquafresh water purifier is, it meets almost every family’s requirements. So before buying them we recommend you to read the Aquafresh water purifier review on price, specifications, installation carefully.

Like requirements of Storage, Water Purification, Affordability, Technology, Design etc.

Apart from this, there are some disadvantages or cons also.

Well, there are many models of Aquafresh RO Water Purifier available in India. So let’s talk about some specifications of the water purifier.

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Specifications of Aquafresh Water Purifier Review

Well, all the models and the products of AQUAFRESH RO Water Purifier are best for Domestic, Office, and Restaurants use. And if in your house the water comes from Municipal or from well, so definitely you should use a water purifier.

Some Key Specification of Aquafresh Water Purifier

  • Extra Storage Capacity
  • Latest and Advanced technology used to purify water
  • Remove all impurities and harmful chemicals from water
  • Make the taste of water good
  • Mineral Cartridges
  • Amazing and Compact design
  • Best build quality
  • TDS Controller support
  • UV+UF Technology

Many stages of the purification process (Mainly 14 stages).

Apart from these, there are many more specifications of Aquafresh RO Water Purifier because there are many different models. That’s why some specifications vary.

Some of the Aquafresh water purifier models like:

  • Aqua Fresh Mineral Plus (RO + UV + UF + TDS) Water Purifier

Aqua Fresh Plus Bio plus Ro+Uv+Uf+Mineral Water 15 L RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Purifier - Aqua Fresh :



The above-mentioned are the best Aquafresh water purifier with RO technology.

There are many advantages to using this type of water purifier. Like it will ensure that water-borne diseases stay miles away from your home. And some other extra features are also included in these water purifiers.

According to prices and models, you will get Advanced Features and Extra Specifications. Well, mostly Aquafresh water purifier are very much affordable.

The common thing in every water purifier of Aquafresh RO is that the upper body or that tank portion is always transparent so that you can check the quality of water easily. Also, the power consumption of these purifiers is low in comparison to other water purifiers.

So, these water purifiers will save your money as well as make you and your family healthy.

Who Should Use Aquafresh RO Water Purifier Review

Now, the question is that who should use the Aquafresh RO water purifier? Mainly these water purifiers are used in households or it is mainly for domestic use.

But because the storage capacity is higher in Aquafresh water purifier you can use it in Office, Home, Shops, etc. Aquafresh water purifier are best for these places because of its specifications.


Aquafresh water purifier storage capacity is high. So that it can serve clean and pure water to your whole family.

And one of the best thing about AQUAFRESH is that you don’t need to check the quality of water supply at your home or office if you are using an Aquafresh water filter.

It works very well across all sources of water, which include saline water, Water supplied by the municipal corporation, tap water, etc.

As there are many models available from Aquafresh, you can purchase any of them as per your needs and requirements.

Pros of Aquafresh Water Purifier Review

  • Almost all Aquafresh RO water filters are affordable.
  • Consumes less energy
  • Non-Electric water purifiers are also available
  • Purifier water fully and removes all impurities.
  • The design is very compact
  • Take less space
  • UV+UF Technology
  • Provides Mineral Cartridges
  • You will get a filter with Aquafresh Water Purifier. This saves your money. As you don’t need to purchase separately.
  • Low maintenance
  • Almost 14 stages of water purification
  • Just because Aquafresh RO water purifier is very much affordable and also because it’s maintenance cost is less. It is the choice of many middle-class families as well

Cons of Aquafresh Water Purifier Review

  • For installation, you have to spend a small amount.
  • In comparison to other water purifiers, the wastage of water is a little higher in these water purifiers.


  • 12 Months Warranty
  • 12 Months Warranty + Free Services
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • RO+UV+UF
  • RO+UV+UF
  • UV
  • Transparent Tank
  • No Transparent Tank
  • Transparent Tank
  • Can Mount on Wall
  • Can Mount on Wall
  • Can Mount on Wall
  • It has LED Display
  • No LED Display
  • No LED Display
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic Used
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic Used
  • ABS Food Grade Plastic Used
  • Installation Charges taken
  • No installation charges
  • No installation charges
  • Provide filter with purifier
  • No pre-filter
  • Provide filter with purifier
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The comparison is done on an overall basis. This means we take data from these companies’ water purifiers models and then do a comparison. The specification specified can be different or may vary according to different models of water purifiers.

All the 3 companies of water purifiers are well known and very popular in India.

There are many customers of these 3 brands. Well, just because there are many models available for water purifiers. So comparing any model with others is not right.

Overall Aquafresh is providing better features than others. However, there are some models of Aquafresh that cannot satisfy all the needs of a customer. But on the overall basis, Aquafresh is good.

Installation Of Aquafresh RO Water Purifier

Well, in most of the cases of water purifier a professional installation is needed. Means there are few water purifiers which do not need any professional installation. You can directly install by yourself.

But to install Aquafresh water purifiers you have to book for an AMC Plan. You have to just call on the given number on their website. And then they will ask some details and come to your house for installation.

Unlike some other water purifiers, Aquafresh charges a little bit for installation. However companies like KENT do not charge any amount for installation. But here you have to pay.

Aquafresh water purifier review

The amount is very small that they will charge. And it may vary from customer to customer.

At call, they will ask some details about you and your place, and they will ask you about the model of the Aquafresh water purifier that you purchase. After confirming all things, they will come and install the purifier at your selected place.

Also, there are many AMC plans with different prices. In all plans, you will get different services on installation. You can check all those plans on their website.

FAQs About Aquafresh Water Purifier

  • How is Aquafresh Water Purifier?

Aquafresh water purifiers are very amazing. You will get an affordable price with many features. Aquafresh uses advanced technology to purify water. Like RO+UV+UF.

In different models, you will get different specifications. The build quality and design of all Aquafresh water purifiers are also very good.

Overall Aquafresh RO water purifier is value for money.

  • Which is better UV or RO?

Both the technologies are used by many water purifiers. Well, UV kills pathogens and bacteria present in the water, but the dead bacteria’s remains in water.

RO also kills pathogens and bacteria present in the water but it also filters out the dead bodies. So, RO and UV both are good in their own ways.

  • Is RO purified water is good for health?

Yes of course, the RO purified water is definitely good for health. Because RO kills all the bacteria, pathogens in the water and also removes all chemicals and filters out the water.

That’s why RO purified water is good for health.

  • Why is RO water bad?

Apart from many advantages of RO water. WHO says that Reverse Osmosis (RO) water is also bad for the human body.

If you drink RO purified water for more than a month or two months continuously then it can cause side effects in your body. aquafresh water purifier review

  • Should we drink RO water?

Well, just because RO removes all impurities and bacteria from the water it is safe to drink. If you drink RO purified water, It means you are drinking water in its purest form. That’s why it is safe to drink RO water.

But if you drink continuously for two or three months it can also cause some side effects because RO removes essential minerals from water.

Aquafresh water purifier review


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