5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier Review : Affordable 2021


Non electric water purifier review – Looking for non electric water filter? Are you tired of going through various articles which claim different water purifier without electricity requirement.? But at the same time you are looking to buy a long lasting non electric water filter? You have landed in the correct place.

I understand how painful it could be spending a couple of money and purchasing a wrong water purifier without electricity online.

Hence, we have done comprehensive research on the top 10 best water purifier that do not need electricity to function.

The water purifiers are listed out from various websites after checking the videos, specifications and reading non electric water purifier review.

Hence we have come up with the latest review on top 5 non electric water purifier.

Also helping you choose best non electric purifier online can be a better way as you do not know if they are available at discounted price at different seasons.

5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier Review : Affordable 2021
5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier Review : Affordable 2021

Know about the product

First lets have a brief introduction on non electricity water purifier importance.

If you have a lack of time you can quickly go through the table of contents to get an idea about the main points.

Why choose Non Electric Water Purifier?

The main importance of non electricity water filter is that they are budget friendly. 

When it comes to water-borne disease buying a water filter without electricity is the least you can do for your health.

Who doesn’t want to stay healthy? But the truth is no one wants to invest in health products.

It is useless to buy branded health supplements if your water quality is not good, because water is an essential element in daily life.

Around 70% of water is filled in our body, yet people are most careless about water purifier. Hopefully the awareness of its importance is going to rise in future when people are more educated.

Don’t start looking for things when it’s too late, instead do what’s good for your health at time.

Nowadays, when the world is suffering from various diseases and the future is prone to viral disease arising from air, water etc it is important to take care of internal health.

The way you invest in cosmetics for health

Therefore nowadays portable non electricity water purifier are available in the market where you can remove the parts and carry them to different places.

There are various water purifiers available in the market which are expensive, therefore non electric filters come with a budget friendly price for customers.

List of Non-Electric Water Purifier Price List

Below are the  non electric water purifier price list which says the minimum and maximum price of water purifier without electric needs.

Our Top Picks

 Expensive non electric water purifier price 

  • Hi-Tech OASIS EAV Water Filter

Check out Hi-tech OASIS non electric water purifier price along with product description.

Hi-Tech OASIS EAV Water Purifier With 10 Litres Storage suitable for home and office Use With Installation Kit: Amazon.in: Industrial & Scientific

Buy From Amazon


  1. Water Storage Capacity Available in 10 litre, 9 litre.
  2. Used for TDS between 500 – 2000 ppm.
  3. Hi-Tech OASIS works on 5 stage Reverse Osmosis filtration technology to remove chlorine, dust, heavy metals and toxins.
  4. Removes impurities and also enhances water taste at same time.

Who should buy Hi-Tech OASIS and Why?

As mentioned this is one of the expensive non-electric water filter, but lets discuss who should buy this expensive purifier and why.

If you have enough budget in hand you can for this water purifier as you get lot of benefit in this water purifier.

Hi-tech OASIS water purifier has a high pressure pump installed which helps to supply increased water production and enhances purity of water.

The Reverse Osmosis helps to remove unhealthy minerals like chlorine and heavy metals and retain essential mineral like calcium, magnesium etc.

Please Check your water TDS level before buying any water purifier, sometime your home water might have low TDS level in that case there is no need for water purifier installation.

Average non electric water filter price

  • NEXQUA Dew Non Electricity Water Filter


Check out NEXQUA Dew non-electric water purifier price along with product description.

5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier
5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier

  Buy From Amazon


    1. Water Storage capacity of NEXQUA Dew Non Electric filter is 14 litre.
    2. NEXQUA Dew filter works on 2 stage Ultra filtration technology and provides chemical free filtration.
    3. The water purifier provides 6 months warrenty.
    4. The non electric water filter can be long lasting due to unbreakable plastic design.
    5. Purifying capacity of 20 litre every hour.
    6. The life of filter candle is upto 2000 litre of water

Who should buy NEXQUA dew water filter and Why?

Nextra dew water filter can be right option for purchasing water purifier because it comes in perfect price with amazing benefits.

You won’t get any other non electric filter providing amazing key features within the price range.

This gravity water filter is based on UV technology and the filtration includes porous membrane with 0.1 micron hollow fibre to filter out bigger substance like dust, heavy metals, pollutants etc.

The Uv technology is known to remove harmful microorganisms like virus, bacteria, protozoa and many more invisible microorganisms which are not visible through naked eye.

The purifying capacity of 20 litre every hour is same as that of other electric water purifier based on RO technology.

Nexqua non electric water filter is perfect for every home with water TDS level below 300 because of non RO technology there is no risk of elimination of essential mineral.

This is affordable non-electric water purifier that provides all important functions every water purifier must have.

Cheapest non electric water purifier price 

  • Tata Swach Non Electricity Water Filter 


Check out Tata Swach non electric water purifier price along with product description.

5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier
5 Best Non Electric Water Purifier

 Buy From Amazon


  1. Water Storage capacity of Tata Swach non-electric water filter is 18 litre.
  2. It is based on gravity filtration and the nano technology.
  3. You can easily check the bulb life with the help of life filter installed in it.
  4. The smart crystella helps removing volatile impurities.
  5. The purification capacity is 1500 litre and 3000 litre
  6. Comes with 6 months warranty 

Who should buy Tata Swach water filter and Why?

If you have shortage of budget and immediately looking to purchase cheap water purifier, you can go with Tata swach.

Don’t buy this if your TDS level is more then 300, in that case your money can go waste.

The filter cartridge does not need replacement upto 3000 litre, until then it can be used.

If talk about water purification it removes bacteria and viruses and chlorine, bromine etc, but since there is no such special technology installed it does 60% of work.

I don’t recommend you to buy this filter unless you have shortage of budget and looking for water purifier immediately.

The above are brand friendly water purifier without electricity requirement. 

5 Best Non-Electric Water Purifier Review

With lots of water purifier available in market like RO, UV and water purifier without electricity, lot of people due to shortage of budget are looking to buy non electric filters.

Non electric purifiers have been doing good from long generation in India and other countries and now a days they are designed with smart technology in them.

The smart technology non-electric purifier takes risk of protecting you from arising water-borne disease.

Below are some of the water purifier from affordable price to little costly. It will help you find out which water purifier will suit your home

Tata Swach Non-Electric Cristella Plus Water Purifier

TATA Swach Cristella Advance Blue Water Purifier - 18 Liters: Amazon.in: Industrial & Scientific


Buy Now

If you are health-conscious and want fresh and pure water so you can blindly trust on Tata Swach. This water filter brand is very much popular and trusted by many Indian Families. 

This Tata Swach water filter has many additional features as well that most of Water Filters do not have. 

So, the capacity to hold water of this Water Filter is 18 Litres. It has 2 containers each container can hold 9 liters of water. It used the technology of gravity-based water purification to purify water. It is fully non-electric.

And the best thing about this Water Filter is that it does not contain any installation. The material used to make this water is FOOD GRADE PLASTIC. So that the water does not harm your health. 

Overall this water filter is best for you if you need a non-electric water filter. Also, it is very affordable. And with this water filter, you will get 6 months warranty.


  • No installation required
  • Affordable to use
  • Can store 18-liter water
  • Provide Long-lasting usage
  • Gravity Based water purification
  • It has a tata switch bulb that can purify up to 3000-liters water


  • It requires regular cleaning

 KENT Gold Plus Water Purifier without electricity:

Buy From Amazon

KENT is a popular company in the field of water purifiers. KENT makes the best water purifiers and uses advanced technology to purify water. 

This water purifier also uses advanced technology to purify water. It can make water fully clean and pure without the use of electricity. However, it is also a Gravity Based Water Purifier, This means it can purify water completely without electricity.

The best thing about this Water Purifier is that it also disinfects the water. And for that this Kent Water Purifier uses Nano-Silver Carbon. water purifier without  electricity

It has a transparent tank that can store 20 liters of water. And the material used in the tank is ABS Food Grade Plastic. This means the water in the tank will be safe and pure all the time. And the other best thing is that it does not change the taste of water. 

Also, Kent offers a 1-year warranty on this water purifier. 


  • Quite Easy to Clean
  • Provides 20 Liters tank capacity
  • It is easy to clean
  • WQA, USA gold seal Certified
  • It is Compact
  • Purification by hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane
  • Long-life membrane expected to last up to 4000 Litre


  • The filter requires regular cleaning

 Eureka Forbes Aquasure (Aquaguard) Non-Electric Water Purifier

Eureka Forbes Aquasure Amrit Water Purifier - 20L: Amazon.in: Home & Kitchen


Buy on Amazon

Eureka is the best water purifier company. It is not as much popular. But well-known for its user-friendliness and performance. Also, they provide always quality products.

The build of the quality of this water purifier is amazing and unique. It looks very stylish. However, the material used in the tank is of FOOD GRADE PLASTIC, which mostly water purifiers have. This makes water clean and pure for a long time, instead of normal plastic.

It is also a non-electric water purifier. Also, you can store water in it. The storage capacity of its tank is 20 liters. Like other non electric water purifiers, the technology to purify water is Gravity Based on this water purifier.

The weight of this water purifier is a bit high, it’s weight is 2 Kg 710 grams. And the company gives you 6 months warranty for this water purifier. 

Overall this water filter is best for household use.


  • It is Easy to install.
  • Amazing build quality
  • Comes with 20 liters water storage capacity.
  • Provides 6 months warranty.
  • The cartridge is easy to clean.
  • Provides Filtration Up to 350 TDS. water purifier without  electricity
  • It involves 3 Stages Purification.
  • Provides Natural Shut-off feature.


  • The output is a little bit slow in comparison to other water purifiers

PRESTIGE Water Purifiers Copper Tattva 2.0


Buy From Amazon

One of the best non electric water purifiers is PRESTIGE WATER TATTVA. We all know that Prestige is a very popular company that manufactures electronics products for the kitchen and other things.

The water purifier has many additional features that help your body to grow well and make you and your family healthy as well. The design of this non electric purifier is very much unique. 

This purifier stops the growth of harmful bacteria in water. That helps to boost the immune system. That also enhances hemoglobin synthesis. 

Another benefit you will get from this Water Purifier is that it does chemical-free purification. Many water filters nowadays purify water with the help of chemicals but this will not.

The best thing about this water purifier is that it copper storage containers. The capacity to hold water for this water purifier container is 16 liters. It provides high filtration as well and you will get a 1-year warranty for this product by the company.


  • It has a fast flow rate
  • Includes Copper storage containers
  • It involves High filtration capacity
  • Helps Boost immune system
  • Provides Chemical-free purification
  • Helps Stops growth of harmful bacteria


  • Little bit high price

Eureka Forbes Aquasure (Aquaguard) Xtra Tuff Non-Electric Purifier


Buy From Amazon

Another water purifier by Eureka Forbes is Xtra Tuff. It is also a non-electric water purifier. But quite different from the previous Eureka Forbes water purifier. 

The design and look of this one are different from the previous one. This water purifier can clean water fully and make it germs and bacteria-free. 

For corporations or Municipal water, there is also TDS available. But there are only 300 TDS available. Well, the quality of this water purifier is best and strong. And the material used to make tank is FOOD GRADE PLASTIC. The water capacity of this water purifier tank is 15 liters. 

It is advisable with this water purifier that if the bottom container is filled with water do not fill water in the top tank. It can cause water leakage. 

You will get 6 months of warranty for this Eureka Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Xtra Tuff water filter. 


  • TDS available (For corporations/Municipal water)
  • Comes in Affordable price
  • Good build quality
  • Float technology protects from any sort of leakage and overflow.
  • It is Highly Compact


  • Weight is a little bit high than normal.

Things to Consider Before Buying Non-Electric Water Purifier

5 Best Non Electric Water Purifer in India - Things in India

To make your work easier we have focused on some of points that helps you choose perfect water purifier more easily. This makes your work simpler.

It is advisable to read them from from the start and not miss anything if you are serious about health.

  • Price

When buying a water filter first thing people focus on is the price. Try to find water purifier with average cost and more good specifications.

Make a list of water purifier within your budget and start comparing the specification. Next give a look at reviews of products individually. water purifier without  electricity

  • Source of Water

Done with choosing price? Now check your source of water and go through your water purifier list. 

If your water source is considerably hard, you must go with a non-electric purifier with Reverse Osmosis technology to remove hardness.

If your water provides bad smell and taste, you need to go with a taste enhancer water purifier without electricity. 

For better results use a TDS meter because sometimes finding hardness of water is not possible if its not in excess.

In that case you need a TDS meter, find best TDS meter below.

Click to Buy Best TDS Meter

Dip the TDS meter in water and check whether the reading is below 300 ppm or above. 

TDS below 300 ppm is completely fine from impurities as the water is coming from government water supply organisation, but the microorganisms can’t be seen or felt so you may need non electric water purifier with Ultra filtration technology.

TDS above 300 ppm to 3000 ppm consist a lot of hardness, impurities like dust, sand, chlorine, heavy metals etc so you may need water purifier with RO+UV technology.

Make sure the water purifier does not have 5 6 stage filtration that makes your water TDS go below 50 and make it acidic in taste. non electric water purifier

  • Warranty of Product

You are done with 2 important step, now comes product warranty of water purifier without electricity. 

You spend couple of money to buy it but what if the warranty doesn’t last long.

Before making a purchase check the location of brand within your area. The service coule be located within some kilometers around your location.

An average warranty of product should be within 6 month till 1 year. Within that warranty duration any problem in the product would have free of cost service. water purifier without  electricity

  • Water Filter Maintenance

Choosing a good budget friendly non-electric purifier is important but must be simple to use. Lot of purifier have endless parts that make it complicated to re-install and re-setup. 

The water purifier must be cleaned at the end of the day to remove the coarser particles clogging the pathway.

  • Storage Size

Storage capacity is another important factor while purchasing water purifier with no electricity.

Storage size recommendation is 15-20 litres.

Filtered water is used for cooking, drinking, therefore more storage capacity filter means more filtered water can be used and still saved for the rest of day. water purifier without  electricity

FAQ on Non Electric Water Purifier

Which is the best non electric water purifier?

The best water purifier without electricity are:-

  • Prestige Water Purifier Copper Tattva 2.0
  • Kent Gold Plus Non-electric water purifier
  • NEXQUA dew water filter

These are amazing and affordable filter which works without electricity

Which water purifier is best electric or non electric?

Both are good at their own place. Electric water purifier provides various features which are not available in non-electric whereas non electric purifier can be affordable and provide homely features. 

But don’t look for expensive non electric water purifier because in that price you will get a electric water purifier with RO or UV technology providing extra benefits.

Which is the cheapest non-electric water purifier?

Tata Swach is the cheapest water purifier without electricity requirement. 

Looking for cheap non electric water filter is useless it doesn’t functions well. It can’t tend to remove water borne disease or hard particles. The filtration process is not strong.

Is gravity based water purifier good?

Gravity based water purifier is based on ultra filtration. Ultra filtration technology function to produce boiled water within 2 to 5 mins.

Ultrafiltration kills microorganisms like virus, bacteria, fungi etc.

Gravity based water purifier can be beneficial to install with low TDS, but also can be used for more TDS count in water.

Which type of water purifier is best for home?

If you do not have budget, you can look for a water purifier that is non electric. It provides enough features to keep you and your family safe from water borne disease.

Go through important things to consider before buying water purifier. Also list of  non electric water purifier which are affordable, expensive, user friendly, proper function, which will help you choose proper water filter according to your budget requirement.


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