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AO Smith Water Purifier like the name says is another water purifier which works great after finding various reviews of people. AO Smith may not be as popular as Eureka Forbes water purifier.

But AO Smith has important function when it comes to water purifying technology and is also budget friendly. AO Smith affordable water purifier for those who do not want to make excuse about their health.

UV water purifier are an essential need in coming days, where lots of people are being infected by deadly virus. It is important to start with the basic. With clean and healthy water you can start a healthy life.

Lots of people are careless with drinking water.

To overcome this problem AO smith has come up with india’s best water purifier that has good function and affordable for anyone. AO Smith water purifier

AO smith has several water filter model divided into X2 Series, Z1 Series, i1 Series etc.

There are various AO Smith water purifier recommended by us, choose the best Ao smith water purification system according to your requirement.

Best AO Smith Water purifier 

AO Smith Z1 Water Purifier

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Reason we recommend AO Smith Z1 (Feature + Benefits)

  • With AO Smith Z1 purifier, you get water storage capacity of around 10 litre.
  • Ao Smith Z1 doesn’t require much space and can be easily installed in your kitchen.
  • It is wall mountable and can be kept at table top.
  • When your water TDS level is below 200 and you have a limited budget, AO Smith can be the best option in a water purifier with a minimum budget. AO Smith water purifier
  • AO Smith Z1 filter comes in quite stylish design and can add beauty to your kitchen.
  • The UV technology in Z1 provides hot water at 45 degree Celsius and 80 degree celcius.
  • The Water TDS above 200 and below 2000 with hardness of maximum 200 is passed through AO smith purifier.
  • The AO purifier has 6 stages of purification where the suspended particles like dust or heavy metals are removed.
  • The stages of purification are Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV Lamp + UFSS.
  • The Uv technology at last kills microorganisms like bacteria, fungi and virus.
  • The presence of pre-filter in place of RO helps to remove solid sediments and impurities from water and retains the essential minerals.
  • A0 Z1 has a size of 482mm x 369mm x 326mm which can be easily fit in any type of kitchen.

AO Smith X2 UV+UF

AO Smith X2 5 L UV Ultra Violet + UF (Ultra Fine) Black 5 L Water Purifier: Home & Kitchen

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Reasons we recommend AO Smith X2 Uv+Uf (Feature + Benefits)

  • AO Smith X2 water purifier has a Water storage capacity of around 5 litres.
  • The beautifully crafted design makes it easily installable in cabins and will give your kitchen a modern look.
  • X2 water purifier must be installed when you get municipal water supply with TDs below 200 and hardness below 200ppm.
  • The UV and UF technology allows 5 stages of purification and ensures clean and purified water.
  • The 5 stage purification in X2 Water purifier includes Sediment filter, Fine sediment filter, Carbon filter , UV + UF filter, UV rays.
  • The presence of smart indicator alerts when UV lamps needs to be charged.
  • After the previous step you get drinking water free from waterborne disease and any microorganism.
  • X2 technology includes no chemicals and the use of disinfectants.
  • A0 X2 water purifier has a size of 460mm x 260mm x 380mm, which can be easily fit in any kitchen.
  • The system input pressure is 5 psi to 30 psi.
  • Install a valve that will reduce pressure at the feed line if the system input pressure exceeds 30 psi..
  • Install a booster pump, If the system input pressure is below 5 psi.

A.O.Smith i1+ RO Water Purifier

AO Smith i1+ RO Water Purifier, Black: Home & Kitchen

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Reasons we recommend Ao Smith i1+RO (Feature + Benefits)

  • AO Smith i1 filter has Water Storage capacity of 5 litre.
  • The 5 litre water is filtered within 20mins and prevents from water wastage. AO Smith water purifier
  • The water purifier includes Manual, Mounting screws, Tubes and Connectors etc
  • Ensure that your water TDS level is above 500.
  • AO smith i1 filter provides water purification through 6 stages.
  • The water purification techniques include Sediment filter + Fine Sediment filter + Carbon block filter + Side Stream RO Membrane + Activated Post Carbon+ MIN-TECH.
  • MIN-TECH adds essential minerals in water required by our body.
  • Helps to recover any type of water whether Low TDS or high TDS.
  • Main benefit of AO Smith i1 is Addition of essential minerals in water gives fresh natural taste with balanced PH.
  • The Advanced technology alerts you in case RO membrane charge gets over, when filters need replacing etc.
  • Incase when there is no water supply from overhead tank, green button blinks.
  • AO Smith i1 is certified by WQA
  • The water purifier has a size of 26 x 38 x 46 cm.

FAQ on AO Smith Water Purifier

Is AO Smith good brand?

AO Smith is a brand worldwide with 5 manufacturing regions including Bangalore, India.

AO smith brand manufactures water purifier, water heaters.

The products of AO are great and are best reviewed by people across the country.

The best thing about AO Smith water purifier is that the products are budget friendly. The modern technology used ensures safety of your life.

Which is the best brand for water purifier?

There are many water purifier brands like Eureka forbes, AO Smith, Kent etc.

There are things you should know before buying a water purifier because not all water coming from the purifier will suit you. AO Smith water purifier

You need to know the source of water, check TDS, check specification, budget and go for purchase. Check to know more

Which purifier is better RO or UV?

I would say UV is better but RO is good as well. Both have their own role. While UV helps to kill the invisible microorganism that causes water borne disease because the whole world is suffering from viruses.

It is important to keep yourself safe drinking pure water which can be the initial step to get rid of harmful microorganisms.

As we are approaching the future, the purity of water is reducing.  Also UV purifier can be used for TDS below 500 or above.

On the other hand RO is used to remove organic impurities like chlorine, dust or heavy metals like arsenic. RO purifier must be used in water with TDS below 500ppm.

But sometimes RO even flashes out the copper and magnesium which is an important mineral for the body.

Although the Water Quality Association of India announced that a negligible amount of essential impurities were removed from RO technology.

Is AO Smith a good water purifier?

AO Smith is a brand basically that provides products like water purifier, water heaters etc. They provide trustable products you can depend upon throughout the years. RO brand company provide good customer support.

AO Smith UV purifiers are best if you are looking for a quality and best water purifier.

How to Install AO Smith water purifier?


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