Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Review and Best Deals 100% Guide 2020


Aquaguard comes from the house of Eureka forbes.

Eureka Forbes is the water purifying company that doesn’t needs introduction.

Eureka forbes provides one of the best water purifiers for home. One of them are Aquaguard. 

There are many other purifier such as Dr Aquaguard, Aquasure etc. 

Dr Aquaguard is modernized over Aquaguard therefore its quite expensive whereas others are less expensive.

In Aquasure and Aquasoft there are many products which are low in quality but looks quite good from outside. Therefore they are cheap.

But if we talk about aquaguard, this eureka forbes brand is not out of fashion and they come in medium price and various models.

If you are not interested to read till the end, go through the table of contents and fine the topic you need.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Review and Best Deals 100% Guide

Aquaguard is another water purifier model of Eureka forbes with RO and UV technology. It is best water purifier after Dr. Aquaguard. 

Aquaguard is budget friendly and comes in price range of Rs.600 to Rs.30,000. 

Why choose Aquaguard ?

Aquaguard Purifier is the pioneers in water purification for over 35 years. 

It is trusted by 1.5 crore mothers and 2 lakhs doctor across India. Aquaguard comes with multiple stages of purification and offering best technology then any other purification.

Now a days a lot of local service provider claim to be from Aquaguard and use fake filters and other parts. 

This can harm your family safety and even ruin ordinary tap water. 

To overcome this, Aquaguard is now equipped with health protect technology, this protects you from being scammed. 

Eureka forbes Aquaguard  alerts you when the cartridge life is over.

Hence you get safe water or no water.

  • Aquaguard Enhance Nxt Activated Copper (UV+UF)

Eureka forbes Aquaguard with Active Copper provides the goodness of copper by infusing the right amount of copper in the water.

It is beneficial for consumption throughout the day for all age group and can be used for cooking.

Water has many minerals like calcium and magnesium which are required by our body. Ordinary water purifier deplete these minerals. However Aquaguard Enhance has mineral guard technology that helps retain these natural essential minerals.

Another good thing about Aquaguard Purifier is its UV boiling technology. Not all UVs are UV boiling.

Compared to slow disinfection given by ordinary UV in other water purifier, Eureka forbes Aquaguard Enhance is faster and efficient.

The UV e-technology give the water as safe and pure as that of water boiled on stove for 20 mins.

The ultrafiltration makes the water crystal clear .

There are additional benefits of Aquaguard Enhance:-

Aquaguard Enhance is compact and takes up little space compared to other bulky brands.

Aquaguard comes with long cartridge life of 6000 litres.

It comes in super design which gives your kitchen aesthetic look.

There is a storage capacity of 7 litre and the purified water can be dispensed even without electricity.

It has a transparent tank that allows it to check the level of water.

The smart auto tank technology helps refill the storage tank automatically every time the water is drawn out.

Enhance NXT comes with Energy Saving Mode that automatically switches off the power supply to the water purifier once the water tank is full.

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  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Geneus

The best water purifier for modern kitchen. If you have a good budget Aquaguard Geneus can be right choice for you.

Genius has multiple stages of purification and tasteguard technology that ensures supply of safe and healthy water.

The taste guard technology helps to set the taste of water according to your requirements.

The intelligent sensor helps to maintain the taste irrespective of source.

Removes contaminants like mercury and lead.

The ultrafiltration makes the water crystal clear.

The intelligent sensor gives signal if the cartridges needs to be replace or the water purifier needs maintenance

The genuine membrane sensor gives a warning if the duplicate membraneis fitted inside the water purifier.

The water level indicator enables to check water quantity in the tank.

It comes with 1 yr warranty.

The storage capacity is 6 litres from where the water can be dispensed even without electricity.

Smart water fill technology refills the water tank everytime the water is taken out.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard 

The LCD Display acts as a smart indicator and assists you hassle free operations.

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  • Aquaguard Enhance Green RO

When you buy Aquaguard Enhance Green RO, you get an Adapter, Wall mounting stand, divert wall, pipes, screws, user manual and warranty card.

Purifying capacity of 15 litre per hour.

It has an I-filter that removes dust.

Presence of  Activated Carbon removes chlorine, bad smell and bigger dust particles.

The electronic membrane life enhancer traps essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to filter. This increases the lifo of the RO membrane.

RO membrane plays an important role in Eureka Forbes Aquaguard. It removes pesticides, hardness, lead, mercury and most important TDS from water.

The taste enhancer in Eureka forbes Water purifier improves the taste of water and makes it crystal clear.

It comes in a long cartridge life of 6000 litres.

If TDS in your area is above 500 then you must use Aquaguard Enhance Green RO or Aquaguard RO+UV.

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  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Maxima with (RO+UV)

Aquaguard Maxima provides various features:-

Affordable and Advanced technology

Compact and contemporary design

Aquaguard Maxima Mineral rich technology promises safe  mineral water.

The mineral enhancer adds essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to water and makes tastier for consumption.

Aquaguard Maxima is easy to install, it can be mounted on the wall or placed on the shelf as per space and convenience.

There is a small LED indicator that gives alert for services due, Incase of electronic error and when cartridges need replacement.

Eureka forbes water services are present within 5 kms of your location to ensure that you get trustworthy and timely services.

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  • Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Aquaflow DX

Unlike other water purifiers, Eureka Forbes model Aquaguard Aquaflow is one which is cheap and effective. 

If you are looking for a good and cheap water purifier. Why not choose Aquaguard Aquaflow?

While other local brands are of the same price but not as effective as Aquaflow. Eureka Forbes gives quality products which are at almost the same  price in the market.

It is very simple and easy to use. The Advanced technology helps to fill water up to 2 litres within a minute.

There is an inbuilt voltage stabilizer that allows the water purifier to work smoothly even when voltage or power supply is low.

Product Diameter – 105 cms (Length) X 210 cms (Width) X 377 cms (Height) 1 Year Warranty

Free Installation.

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  • Aquaguard Crystal Nxt with (UV+ UF)

Eureka forbes Aquaguard Crystal nxt is another right choice for you.

Storing water in the copper vessels overnight and regular cleaning of the vessels is time consuming.

The aesthetic look of Aquaguard Water purifier looks good in kitchen and suitable for 

Aquaguard’s patented copper technology provides the goodness of copper by allowing the right amount of copper. 

It lets you have healthy water and can be used in all types of food preparations.

The UV technology kills all the microorganisms from water within a minute and results same water as that of 20 mins of  boiled water.

Allows 7 litre of storage capacity.

There is no need of buying additional booster pump. 

The Aquaguard crystal by Eureka forbes gives Zero pressure pump which is capable of creating suction upto 3 feet.

The smart LED indication alerts for service, cartridges and electronic error.

Warranty for at least 12 months.

Free Installation  within 24 to 36 hrs.

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  • Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Elite with (RO+UV+MTDS)

Aquaguard Elite is another model of Eureka Forbes that has copper technology.

The copper technology supports healthy metabolism and helps in growth and development of internal organs.

Do not use Aquaguard Elite if your water TDS level is below 200 because of RO and UV.

The MTDS helps to adjust taste of water depending on source of water.

RO helps to remove the dust particles and extra pollutants that are present along with essential minerals.

The essential minerals are retained due to Mineral Guard Technology.

The UV e-boiling technology makes the water as safe as boiled water for 20 min.

Water purifier Storage capacity of 8 litre and very aesthetic look

Suitable for all water sources.

Easy to install + Free installation (24-36hrs).+ 1 year warrenty

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Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Review and Best Deals 100% Guide

How to install eureka forbes water purifier?

Eureka forbes water purifier provides free installation by the manufacturer. 

To request installation you need to contact the manufacturer just after your delivery. Click to get manufacturer number.

Sometimes you need to wait 24 to 48hrs for the manufacturer to contact you.

Do eureka Forbes manufacture aquaguard or they are just marketing the product?

Eureka Forbes is the manufacturing company in Mumbai that needs no intro.

They manufacture not only water purifiers but also various products like Air purifiers, security solutions, vacuum cleaners and many more. 

Aquaguard is one of the product by Eureka Forbes apart from Aquasoft, Dr Aquaguard etc.

Eureka forbes are manufacturer as well as they market their product.

How to lodge complaint against Eureka Forbes?

What is the cost of aquaguard filter?

Aquaguard filter can be between 1500 to 2000. Price differs with different brands.

Is aquaguard Indian company?

Aquaguard belongs to house of Eureka forbes which is located in Mumbai, India.

Aquaguard purifier gives pure and clean water.

Various aquaguard model can be installed in your home irrespective of TDS in water.

Is aquaguard water good for health?

Aquaguard water purifier  provides many benefits:-

  • RO removes excess of minerals, unwanted dust particles, heavy metals etc.
  • UV technology kills harmful microorganisms like bacteria, virus, protozoa, fungi and many.
  • The Mineral Guard technology retains essential mineral like copper.
  • Helps to adjust the taste and odour of water.
  • Large storage capacity of 6 to 7 litre.
  • Signals you when need maintenance
  • Presence of Copper adds the pureness of water..
  • Aesthetic look and space friendly.
  • EEPROM technology gives safe water or no water but not bad water.

But it is important to know your TDS before buying any Aquaguard water purifier.

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Review and Best Deals 100% Guide

What is best TDS for drinking water?

200 to 300TDS is best in drinking water.

Is 30 TDS water is safe for drinking?

30 TDS is not good for drinking. Do you know that the water bottles that you buy to drink contains 10 20 30 TDS? 

If no, you must know that you are being charged for that water because they provide the best technology to filter the water.

But the TDS level of the water is not checked. The source of water is not checked and filtered and marketed.

This is OK if you drink sometimes, incase you go out where you have no option.

Is RO water banned in India?

The National Green Tribunal of India, a part of Indian Parliament lodged a ban on the use of RO technology Water Purifier across areas of New Delhi. 

Delhi and areas around has TDS level below 500 and the use of RO removes the essential mineral from water like calcium, magnesium etc.

The Water Quality Association of India against the ban moved to supreme court that RO removes 80% of dust, pollutants, nitrates, chlorine and negligible amount of calcium and essential minerals.

However people can’t completely depend on calcium coming from water.

WHO declared that TDd level 200 or below is not safe for drinking. It may give an acidic taste.

TDS of water must be 300.

TDS must be checked before buying Eureka forbes water purifier.

Grab affordable TDS meter

Is UV water harmful?

UV water purifier is not harmful. 

 Microorganisms like Bacteria, fungi, viruses are removed whicht are present inside water but not visible through naked eyes.

Hence, UV technology is safe over RO.

Check Best UV water purifier

What is the difference between RO UV and UF?




RO means reverse Osmosis UV means Ultraviolet water UF means Ultra filteration
The water passes through a membrane which consists of 0.0001micron size holes. The ultraviolet radiation with 254nm is passed across the purifier. The water passes through a hollow membrane which consist of tiny holes of 0.01 micron.
90% minerals, heavy metals like arsenic, dust, pollutants etc are separated.

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The ultraviolet rays kill the DNA of microorganisms.


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The UF technology traps the dust and microorganism and gives pure and clean water.

This does not require electricity.

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Which UV water purifier is best?

Eureka Forbes Dr Aquaguard Magna Nxt UV is the best recommended UV technology based water purifier. 

Must be used when water TDS is below 500.

In the presence of UV the microorganisms are killed within some min which takes 20mins if you boil in the stove.

The UV technology doesn’t interfere with minerals.

The essential minerals are retained with the presence of Advanced mineral guard technology.

Provided 7 litre storage capacity.

Incase your water TDS level is above 500, you must go for Eureka forbes Dr Aquaguard Magna Nxt UV+RO

Dr Aquaguard Magna UV+RO sense source of water automatically and lets you adjust taste.

RO blocks dissolved impurities and chemical contaminants.

Mineral guard technology retains essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

UV technology kills harmful microorganism.

Contains 7 litre water storage.

Which type of water purifier is best?

 One of the best water purifiers is Eureka Forbes Aquaguard UV+UF

The reason to declare it best is that the absence of RO will prevent the natural minerals from water.

UV helps to kill the bacteria and microorganisms that are not visible through eyes. 

UV technology gives same water as that of boiled water for 20 mins.

 RO filters the essential minerals.


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