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How to remove hardness of water: Most of you are suffering from hair problems like hair loss, dandruff, hair breakage, hair thickening, hair greying etc. 

Have you checked your water source and tried to improve the quality of water? The water problem not only affects hair but also causes skin dullness, pigmentation and many more.

So instead of spending couple of dollar in treatment, cosmetics or surgery why not improve your water quality? 

Water has been important for all life and the quality of water has shown serious impact in life of various people.

Removing Hardness of water is not a serious problem for your home. hard water softener Whether your water hardness is from tap water or drinking water, everything can be solved easily.

You need to keep some patience and follow some important steps.Keep reading to know the important tips to remove hardness of water from home.

How to remove hardness of water at home

Before jumping into ways to remove hardness of water at home directly there are some important things to know.

What is hardness of water?

When you take bath, the ground water is actually rain water. If your water quality is fine there is formation of foam on the application of soap whereas in case of hardwater, there is difficulty in foam formation but forms scum. This refers to hardness of water.

Types of hardness of water?

Well the hardness of water can be categorized into 2 subcategories, They are:-

What causes temporary hardness?

Do you know that the rain water is soft water but ground water is hardwater? Yes, rainwater when it falls in ground and gets evaporated the calcium ions remains in the ground level; and when the rain water falls in earth passing through carbon dioxide. hard water softener

When this rainwater mixed with carbon dioxide falls in limestone, there are formation of stalactides.

The calcium carbonate reacts with calcium dioxide in water forming calcium ion and hydrogen carbonate. The following type of hardness comes under temporary hardness.

The kind of hardness is removed after heating water. But the limestone and water mixed with carbon dioxide passes through pipelines or comes in contact with vessel to form limescale.

What causes Permanent hardness?

The other type of hardness other then temporary hardness is called permanent hardness that comes from calcium sulphate.

In this case we don’t get limescale in contact with vessel but we do get scum in contact with soap.

Now you want to know what is scum? Soap is generally made boiling artificial ingredients like natural fats, oils and sodium hydroxide etc.

Sodium stearate is formed during saponification of fats and oils. Sodium stearate is attracted to oils or dust at the same time the head of sodium ions are faced towards water.

This way the dust are washed and removed completely from body. Therefore if there is presence of calcium ions in water, the use of soaps are useless unless the calcium ions doesn’t settle down as scums.

What causes hardness of water in home?

Well the hardness of water in your home can be one coming from tap water and the other could be your regular. 

Your regular tap water is basically river water coming from various hills or other areas and hence in the process it passes through limestone deposits making the water contaminated with high amount of calcium and magnesium carbonate.

This contamination causes precipitates in pipes and tank. It is important to get rid of tapwater with excess hardness because the hardness causes deposits and sticks to vessels, the hard water even causes dry skin for young men and women, hardwater ruins hairs causing dandruff, breakage and also causes soap wastage.

I’ve seen a lot of teenagers complaining about water hardness as they care about their skin and hairs

How to check hardness of drinking water?

Firstly you should know if your home water is over hard, it can leave marks on your vessel, window etc. Hardwater can easily stain porcelain dish.

First of all you must check the TDS(Total dissolved salts) level in water. The TDS level can be checked with the help of TDS Meter.

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TDS meter is important instrument to check hardness of water.  All you need to do is dip the TDS meter in your water and find the reading. hard water  softener

TDS level > 300. Not safe to drink due to excess minerals, heavy metals and pollutants.

TDS level<300. Safe to drink due to essential minerals retained in water.

There are various consideration and things to know before removing hardness of tap water. On the TDS meter and place the TDS meter inside tap water, if the TDS reading is less then 300 it is okay to drink.

But if the TDS level is greater then 300, you must go for a UV water purifier for home. Remember do not use water purifier if your water TDS is below 100 this drives away the essential minerals from water and can make your  water slightly acidic in taste. how to remove hardness of water

TDS level of water between 100 to 300ppm is totally safe to consume. You should know that regular use of water hardness can cause hairloss, split ends, dry hair and skin infection.

How to soften hard water?

You all know the use of sodium stearate in hard water is quite difficult because it forms scum. The soap reacts with calcium ions and forms scum that floats on the surface.

Once all the calcium starts precipitating the soap starts working normally and again forms foam. But in this process excess of of soap is wasted.

Therefore we would want something cheaper and which can react with calcium ions in water to form precipitate and remove the oil from the body. hard water  softener

Simple techniques to reduce water hardness:-

  • Removal of hardness of water by Washing soda or Sodium Carbonate is quite cheaper than soap. On addition of soda, calcium ions reacts with carbonate ions in the form of precipitate to produce limestone and removes hardness of water.
  • Temporary hardness can also be removed by boiling the water but this has a drawback to accumulate lime on the surface. hard water  softener
  • Use of Alum in water will help the minerals deposit at bottom to get clean water at the top.

Remove permanent hardness of water

You should stop blaming your haircare and skincare products in order to improve your body look attractive. 

We are often told to have face wash timely with tapwater and drink 3 to 4 litres of water everyday but what if the water is affected by chlorine deposits. how to remove hardness of water

It is said that some amount of chlorine is also important to maintain acid-base balance in body but not in excess.

  •  Installing a water softener in your home water system

 A water softener can help convert hard water into soft water and then dispense from tap.

Benefits of water softener:

There are multiple benefits of hard water softener.

  1. Water softener helps to remove 99% limescale thus nomore clogged head shower.
  2. Hard water leaves spots and marks in vessels, glasses, windows etc therefore use 0f water softener can reduce the hardness and the vessels are washed properly. how to remove hardness of water
  3. Soft water can reduce the dry skin condition caused by hard water that leads to disease called eczema.
  4. Hard water wastes excess amount of soap, Water softener can minimize the soap wastage.

The best hard water softener are block salt water softener which can be installed in seperate tap and can be used for drinking purposes. Not everyone likes the taste of water softeners.

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  •  Use of countertop water filter in your kitchen faucet

If you can’t use water softener in your home water system, then c0nsider using a countertop water filtration system in your kitchen faucet.

Using countertop filter in your kitchen is quite easy, you just need to connect the filter faucet to filter Aeretor.

The water you get after filtration through countertop filtration is very pure to drink. Countertop water filter are designed to remove unhealthy ground water from kitchen sink. hard water  softener

The water filtered through Countertop can be used for drinking as well as household purposes.

List of Best Countertop water filter:-

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Although installing a filter can bring improvement in drinking water, you can’t install a water filter for cleaning, shower etc. A filter is also a must required home appliance to prevent from water borne disease.

The filter water removed hardness from drinking water as well as gives healthy water. Now a days lot of filter comes with essential mineral adding property. hard water softener

Now a days lot of people are suffering from viral infections due to poor drinking water. The internal body needs to be cleaned with good drinking water and hence it is important to install a water purifier to remove hardness from drinking water.

At the same time external body can be cleaned by using pure water obtained on installing a water softener or countertop filter at your faucet.

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If you ask me I would suggest all to start improving your water quality to get rid of disease. Lot of disease arise from poor water, the hard water is not just difficult to drink but is also unhealthy. 

You don’t know where all the hard water passes before it reaches your home. If your area is near river it is well and good but you must definitely install a water softener if there is no river around you. The water that is supplied through pipeline is full of iron content changing colour of your vessel. how to remove hardness of water

Installing a Water filter is not must as the drinking water is coming from government organisation after treatment. But you must check whether the TDS level is below 300 or above 300.

If the TDS level is below 300 consider using a UV water filter and not use Reverse osmosis water filter, but in case TDS more then 300 you must use RO+UV water filter.

I would end the article saying that you will definitely need a water filter and a water softener in coming days when you suffer water borne disease or when you damage your skin and hair. hard water softener

In that case it will be too late so why not take precaution when you have time and spend some money on water filters and water softener.

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