5 Best Water Softener for shower to stop hairfall – Latest Review


Water Softener for the shower- Most people use Groundwater or Municipality supplied water for day-to-day use like for bathing.

If you are also on the list of those people who use these water origins for bathing, then knowing that water comes from Ground or Municipality is hard.

And of course, Obstinate water is not safe for you. Hard water can harm the human body and hair as well. If you are noticing that hair fall and skin damage in you, then definitely it is the problem of water.

Now, it’s time to use Water Softener For the Bathroom. Yes, this product will convert Hard water into soft, which is best for the human body.

So, if you want to purchase Water Softeners for the showerhead, must read this article at last because in this buying guide you will get whole information about water softener for bathroom tap.

Type Of Water Softener

The very first thing that you should consider before buying a water softener for the shower is the type of water softener you want and the type of water softener you are purchasing.

Well, there are four types of water softener:

  1. Ion Exchange Water Softener
  2. Salt-free water softener
  3. Magnetic and Electronic water softener for bathroom
  4. Dual Tank water softeners

And also you have to first analyze what type of water you are using. And for that, you should hire a water treatment professional to analyze the condition of the water.

Better you can purchase a TDS meter to check the TDS of water at home and buy a hard water softener accordingly.

Once, you know the condition of the water at your home. You can easily decide what type of water softener is best for you.

But in most conditions the Ion Exchange water softener type is recommendable. But you should analyze the water in your home first.

Size of Water Softener:

Yes, every water softener for the bathroom does not come in an identical size or for the same shower. So you must consider the size of the water softener first, before buying it.

Well, if the water softener is small in size, it can reduce the lifespan of the components. And a water softener with a large size can waste more water.

So, you have to select a water softener according to your house and usability.

Test Your House Water:

Yes, it is also an important consideration that you also have to test your house water first. In cities there are most of the places where the water supplied to home is pure and fully filtered.

So in that condition, you didn’t need a water softener. But if the water you are getting is groundwater, municipally supplied water, or anything else, so you should use a water softener for the shower taps to convert hard water into soft.

 Consider Price:

After considering all the things, the next thing is Price. Always choose that product which provides you the best quality and best price as well. Well, most of the quality water softener starting price is 1000 to 1200, and as the quality increases the price also increases.

You will get the best water softener between 2000 to 3000 INR price.

You have to compare some best water softeners for showers then decide to purchase the best in quality plus best in price product. And for that, of course, I will help you.

I selected 5 best water softeners for a shower, which are the best in quality, as well as their price, which is very much affordable.

5 Best Water Softener For Shower

  • WaterScience Multi-Flow Shower Filter


WaterScience CLEO SFM-419 Multiflow Shower Head Filter & Conditioner for Hard Water Softening & Chlorine - Protects Against Hair Fall & Dry Skin - Standard Cartridge for Metro/Municipal Water

Check on Amazon

A water softener for a shower by Water Science is amazing. If you are getting the problem of hair fall or skin. So definitely use this water softener to soften your hard water for bathing.

It is a premium quality build water softener for shower taps. The build quality of it is very powerful and tough. It is specially made for domestic use. It is a multi-function water softener shower. It is soft water in many ways.

It filters the chlorine and hard salt from the water and all impurities also. It has nano-silver carbon with KDF technology. That helps you pure and soft water fully.

The best thing about this water softener is that it saves 70% water.


  1. Standard CLEO Cartridge to remove water hardness and chlorine
  2. Multi-Function shower water softener
  3. Waterfall mode
  4. KDF Technology
  5. 4 layers filter
  6. Nanosilver carbon
  7. Affordable
  8. Mist Mode
  9. Pulse Mode


  1. It does not reduce TDS.
  • ALTON Water Softener For Bathroom tap

ALTON SHR20180 ABS Hard Water Filter with 5-Function Overhead Shower, Chrome Finish: Amazon.in: Home Improvement


The other branded and best hard water softener shower tap is by ALTON. This water softener is very premium and of high build quality. However, the price is affordable.

Well, the material used to make this water softener is ABS+Brass+Metal. The quality of this product is very high and it comes with Chrome color that gives it a premium look.

It has a multi-stage filter that gives high output and soft water fully by removing chlorine, bad odors, and dirt from water. Because of this water softener your skin and hair both look good and be safe. Just because hard water harms skin and hair, this shower will help to make hard water into soft.

It removes all the harmful substances from water and makes it pure and usable. It also has mist mode that saves 80% water.


  1. High build quality
  2. High pressure
  3. Five spray pattern
  4. powerful filtration
  5. Made with ABS+Brass+Metal
  6. Mist Mode
  7. Saves 80% water
  8. Multi-stage filter
  9. Affordable price


  1. Does not reduce TDS
  • AquaKing Water Softener For Shower

AquaKing 15 Stage Shower Filter Hard Water with Vitamin C Mineral Purifier, Large, Chrome: Amazon.in: Home Improvement



Like the previous one, this water softener product for shower is also a branded and high-quality product. This product can fulfill your needs. The best thing about this product is that it has a 15 stage shower filtration.

That means the water you get through this shower will be fully pure and most suitable for bathing. If you use this water softener so definitely, your hair will grow well and because of water your hair and skin do not harm.

It has Activated carbon-ceramic balls that remove the effects of hardness. Water Softener for shower

Well, the most regular cause of hair fall is Chlorine, chemicals, hard water salts, etc. And this water softener removes all those things from water and makes it pure and usable.

Also, you will get an extra cartridge with this water softener. Another best thing about this product is, you can use it on taps also for filter water. Like you can use it in your kitchen taps.


  1. 15 stage shower filter
  2. Extra cartridge
  3. Activated carbon-ceramic balls
  4. Multi-Stage Shower Filter
  5. You can also use it in taps
  6. Convert hard water into soft
  7. Highly build quality
  8. Affordable
  9. You will get a 2-year warranty with this


  1. No water saving
  • RIVERSOFT Shower Filter For Hard Water

Shower filters for removing chlorine and other harmful substances from hard water | Most Searched Products - Times of India



No more worry about hair fall and skin damage because of water. This water softener will protect you from hard water, which is the main cause of skin damage and hair fall.

This riversoft shower filter has activated carbons that remove all the harmful organic matter and filter out heavy metals.

Overall, as like other water softeners, it also has all those features that make water fully pure and usable. You can trust this product.

The best thing about this product that is unique also is, it’s cartridge capacity is very high. The cartridge will last for 40,000 liters of water. That means you can use one cartridge for around 6 months.

And you will get an additional cartridge including this water softener. However, if you are using more water, you have to replace the cartridge more often.


  1. Purifies water fully
  2. Convert hard water into soft
  3. Contain activated carbon
  4. High capacity of the cartridge
  5. Additional cartridge with the pack
  6. Easy installation
  7. Affordable
  8. You can use it in the shower as well as in taps
  9. Removes bad odour


  1. Does not reduce TDS
  2. No water saving
  • Fuze Shower and Tap Filter for All Standard Wall


Check Price in Amazon

Last but not the least, the best water softener shower is by Fuze company. This water softener for the shower has some special features that many water softeners have.

If you also get water from the municipality or the ground, this Fuze water softener can be the best option for you. It is best in quality as well as it is very affordable.

This is a multi-stage water filtration product that has almost 15 stages of filtration. It has Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF), granular activated carbon, and calcium sulfite ceramic ball. That ensures the quality of water. These things remove all impurities, and hardness of the water.

And make water soft, so that you can use that filtered water for bathing as well as for drinking also. Yes, you can also use it with taps.

In addition to this, it is easy to install. You don’t require any specialist to install it. You can install it by yourself.

Overall, this water filter is highly effective and best to filter water, also it does not reduce the speed or flow of water.


  1. Multi-Stage Filtration System
  2. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF)
  3. granular activated carbon
  4. calcium sulfite ceramic ball
  5. Fully purify and soft water
  6. Decrease Chlorine Level
  7. You can use it on the shower as well as on taps
  8. Affordable
  9. Extra Cartridge
  10. Easy installation


  1. No water saving
  2. Does not reduce TDS

How To Install A Water Softener For bathroom

Now, after purchasing the best suitable water softener for a shower. You have to install that in your home shower.

Well, it is a very easy task. You don’t require any expertise to install the water softener at your shower or the tap. However, in almost all the products, the company gives a user manual and an installation guide with it.

You can easily install the product by reading that installation guide. But still, I’ll explain to you how to install a water softener easily.

Installing a shower filter is very much easy. Firstly just stop the water supply of your bathroom or shower. Then you have to attach the water softener to your shower pipe. Slowly hook it up. There is an in and out sign in all the water softeners. Just check those signs and install it. Water Softener for shower

All done! Just open the water supply and check that it is working or not. Water Softener for bathroom

Well, before doing all these things make sure to first check the installation guide or user manual. If the installation guide has different things, just follow that.

FAQs Related To Water Softener For Shower

  • Will boiling hard water make it soft?

For consumption or drinking purposes boiling water is the best option. However, boiling kills harmful chemicals and germs of water also it removes the water’s calcium content. Water Softener for bathroom

Hence, the water becomes soft from hard. So, yes boiling makes water soft, but for a temporary basis. And for drinking purposes only boiling is the best and cheapest option to make hard water soft.

Does hard water ruin my hair?

Yes, of course, hard water ruins your hair as well as it can cause skin damage too. Just because hard water contains excess minerals, chemicals, chlorine, and other things this weighs your hair down. Then your hair will look more dull and lifeless. Overall, it means using hard water for bathing or washing hair will harm and ruin your hair as well as skin too.

  • How do you prevent hair from hard water?

The only way to protect yourself from hard water is by using the best water softener that removes chlorine, chemicals, and other harmful particles from the water and makes it soft. Then only you can prevent your hair as well as skin. There are many types of water softener like water softener for the bathroom, for taps, etc. You can install a water softener for the bathroom at your home to prevent your hair from hard water. 

Water Softener for shower, Water Softener for bathroom taps


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